Regulatory Feedback

Episode One Hundred Six: Regulatory Feedback.
In which Pharm Life is discreet.

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  1. This was super-rushed during the holiday schedule. The Soap Strip panel was cobbled together on faith, and faith let me down. I'm outright embarrassed, actually.

    The theme is incoherent, as well - which I suppose was relevant to the week. While I was wrapping presents, I was watching a documentary on Brian Eno (Brian Eno: 1971-1977 - The Man Who Fell to Earth (2012), and the first three panels are quotes from that film. The diagram in the Pharm Life panel is from the back of Discreet Music (1975) - the flowchart that explains Eno's tape-delay cybernetic (regulatory feedback) music-making process. Appropriately enough, I misspelled 'regulatory' in the first-published version of this comic & had to update ... but the Twitter version still bears the misspelling. Awful.

    The quote in the final frame is an Oblique Strategy card that I've had printed out and have been carrying around for several months, occasionally noting as I unload and load shit in and out of my courier bag coming to and from work.

    I had checked the Oblique Strategy of the day for the dark shark Twitter account on the day that I was drawing this, and it was an apt "you are an engineer", which fitted nicely against the inspiration from Frontalot's 'Small Data' cartoon of the previous week. But, for whatever reason, this felt more in the moment: the meaning itself falling below the threshold of audibility. What the hell can that mean, 'continue on', when one is feeling totally rudderless?

    Guy holds a notebook, I think, or maybe sketchbook, or maybe a date planner.



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