Life Cycle Clips

Episode Seventy-Five: Life Cycle Clips
In which Little Guy establishes a lifelong rut.

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  1. Simple idea this week: life is but an ongoing series of fuck ups. Even this morning, I fucked up. The strip follows me from an early age of fucking up, through adolescence, young adulthood, and finally deteriorating maturity. We're all waiting in line, every age, every angle, patiently, to acknowledge that we've fucked up.

    Wasn't sure what artist or figure would best represent 'guilt'. In the end, I went with Dostoyevsky, as Raskolnikov in Crime and Punishment (1866) typifies the condition of being consumed by it.

    The title taking fun in the offhand pun in the word 'clips'. Cycle Clips, the tool used to hold pants back from a bicycle chain, and also 'clips' inferring that something in my life cycle always clips me back - hurts me or cripples me. The idea of Cycle Clips particularly British to me (I don't think I've ever seen anyone wear them in America - though I am admittedly in an bicycle unfriendly rurality), and it brings to mind Patricia Routledge's voice as Irene Ruddock in Alan Bennett's "A Lady of Letters" (1987), in which Irene, skeptical of the potentially fraudulent priest calling to visit, sees that he has cycle clips on. "So I let him in." Such a brilliant joke.

    Little Guy holds a pawnbroker-killing axe.



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