Inaction Action

Episode Seventy-Two: Inaction Action
In which Marketing Knows Best

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  1. Marketing shoved down my throat.

    The Smart Speaker line comes from the feeling I get, while blindly scrabbling to make coffee in the morning, when VPR directs me, repeatedly and quite forcefully, to "ask my smart speaker" to play their show. There's something about their use of the phrase that feels demeaning, as if I'm not smart enough to turn on the radio that I am already listening to, and I grew tired of it by the second time it came around.

    The second panel an homage to a Warhol print I once owned, a Campbell's Black Bean soup can with a torn label. So, the eye of the artist in mass marketing, pop-art being mass produced, etc. But the burning point for me is the sign in the upper left advising me to purchase (a loopy amount of) 300 cans. It's a pet peeve that running into the store turns into a process of disappointment when I am not prepared (or am willing) to stock up on an apocalypse-number of #insert product here# to satisfy some random store manager's up-sale quota. Just give me a can of soup already. (And how many times am I trapped behind someone in line who is scrutinizing their receipt to find they weren't credited the correct sale price?)

    And ditto for the fucking Monopoly promotion that the clerk is not allowed to pass onto the person behind me, but I am not allowed, by social convention, to prevent them from doing so *through me*. And so, I am forced to engage in one way or another. As far as I'm concerned, this is biggest scourge humankind has ever constructed. If you have no idea what I am talking about, kiss your children and thank Providence for your ignorance.

    Guy is holding a banana because he is not above a free banana. On his knees as a loophole, with apologies to comedian James Acaster, 'Repertoire' (2018).



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