Unconscious Approach

Episode Fifty-Six: Unconscious Approach.
In which the Pharm Life pills assess risk.

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  1. Wim Wenders, Paris Texas (1984). This is from a note I made a year ago after I had watched the film, and I recently came across it while cleaning my phone. I don't actually recall how the quotes resonated originally, but do remember moments: the Art statement is from a scene in which the housekeeper (if I recall) is counseling Harry Dean Stanton, and I believe it felt like an optimistic moment in an otherwise rudderless story. (Not that rudderless feels bad.)

    The judgements in the movie: Why go there? Why dig that up? All these reasons directing us not to search for the self.

    I have a memory that the film itself was largely improvised, that the storyline just kind of 'happened.' So, there's the spirit of that in this comic: the ethic that it's ok to be lost, amnesiac, wandering, dying. That it's ok to search, even when voices direct you that it's a waste of time.



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