Between Walls

Episode Fifty-Four: Between Walls.
In which everyone considers giant steps.

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  1. Big steps indistinguishable from a vertiginous plummet. This is what change feels like when it's been preceded by an ongoing conviction of being psychologically cemented. Facing a drop; finding the front door open, at night, no one around. Something exposed, dangerous.

    I'm changing my job after a decade and have been dreaming of natural disasters - the ground swelling up, floods imminent, comfort difficult to find.

    Squidman is saying "you first."

    "Turn it upside down" from an oblique strategy that came up when considering this situation. Perhaps the precipice could be a cliff face. Rather than falling down, I can be climbing up. Nice try, but the other panels are never going to buy it.

    Guy is holding a copy of William Carlos Williams' Collected Poems. Title, "Between Walls", Williams' poem of the green glass shining in the ashes in the place where nothing grows, between walls. That felt right.



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