The Ant Of The Self

Episode Fifty-Two: The Ant Of The Self. 
In which Guy is tired of the old descriptions of the world.

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  1. Insecurity following a job interview. I am only able to see that negative that I am not, as opposed to the positive that I am. Washington's acceptance letter on the "Presidential" podcast, spun as Modesty, feeling awfully familiar.

    The only answer is to turn off judgement. Wallace Stevens' "The Latest Freed Man" (1938) offers this possibility: to wake and suddenly be freed of your frontal cortex, to see the world as it actually is. "To have the ant of the self changed to an ox."

    Easier said than done.

    The lavender of this strip felt somehow perfect for Stevens. It was an incidental coloring that happened as I as cleaning up scan shading artifacts. This is the first strip that has not been treated for color after the title and date were laid in. It was perfect in itself alone.



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