Soap Strip Folks V

Episode Two Hundred Twenty Eight: Soap Strip Folks V.
In which we scrape noir.

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  1. This Soap Strip I am less happy with than the Squid Man the week prior, but it's still doing ok. It doesn't feel like any traditional Soap Strip that I know of - not that anything I've ever done approximates them, but this still leans disappointingly away from them. I like the trestle in the first frame, and the chiaroscuro in the third. The texture of the glass door in the final frame was satisfying, and I guess I'm even happy with the scribbled shadows in the second. But still, it just looks amateurish to me.

    I don't remember what agreement I'm axe-grinding here, but ten-to-one it has to do with my job.

    The images are off of Never Let Go (Guillermin, 1960), a gritty 'test your mettle' film in which a down-on-his-luck salesman (Richard Todd) stands his ground against a sociapathic London gangster (Peter Sellers). Lots of great 60's urban scenery. This film made an appearance in an earlier loats a year or so again.



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