Episode One Hundred Fifty One: Scratch.
In which we vector.

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  1. Squid Man drumbeat perpetually persistent. That part of me clearly sufficient.

    All the while, biology moves on: I get older, and older problems accumulate. This week diagnosed with Shingles. Working in an FQHC, am told to be hyper aware of contagion: first trimester pregnancy at risk to Chicken Pox infection. Shingles? Not infectious, no worry there. But we don't know what causes the outbreak. Stress? Would my exposing already-exposed adults to additional viral load potentially stress a body to the point of an outbreak? "It's not contagious." But we don't know what causes the outbreak. So, wash the shit out of everything you own. "But do I need to do that if it's not contagious?" Ten different narratives from ten different providers.

    Anyway. At a point in my life when I feel my life when I increasingly need to demonstrate progress, I increasingly find myself again at the starting point, and this month my body embodying that reality.

    Eno's Oblique Strategy, First Steps, so apt.



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