Traum Mal Wieder

Episode Two Hundred Thirty Eight: Traum Mal Wieder.
In which we clang pot.

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  1. Again, frustration, frustration, frustration is the theme. The Pharm Life frame an anatomical drawing (satisfyingly rendered), the intestines cut out-of-phase, representing the ongoing stomach complaint. (Very age-appropriate.)

    Squid Man chides a poorly-disguised Officer Pup from Herriman's Krazy Kat. I am taken with how solid that character looks, and then I remember that it's just stolen, flat out. Still, stolen from the best. Squidman quotes the opening lines from Blur's 'Parklife' (1994), recited by Phil Daniels. I'd just watched Quadrophenia (dir. Roddam, 1979), and was on a Phil Daniels' kick. I read that when he was contacted to record that song and perform in the video he had never heard of Blur. Saw him on 'Pointless' recently, and it's always weird to see a youth icon grown up as an adult, and coming across as just a normal guy. In Quadrophenia, he's burning it all down - which is the part of his character I relate to. I'm stuck, I guess. (He also had a good turn a few years ago playing Thursday's no good brother in Endeavor.)

    The Soap Strip folk - a random image that works (again, after Officer Pup, a cop???) - simply reiterating a stuck logic form work that I can't shake. Flirting with disaster with that complaint. And that complaint leads to the complaint in the next frame. The sucking teat causes the need to fly the nest.

    In the Art frame, an Oblique Strategy that truly applies. Change is really fucking slow. Not sure how much time I have left, honestly. But, still, one dot at a time. Like de-colonized Chinese water torture. Taken from the colon.

    Title is from Holger Czukay's 1984 album, 'Der Osten ist Rot'. This is a track on an Ambient music anthology that I have had for decades, and I never realized that Czukay, who I have become peripherally aware of - Krautrock icon from 'Can' - was the creator of one of the tracks. I was listening to the album one day and became taken with how weird and expansive that track was, and - surprise - it's Czukay. English translation is 'Dream Again'. It's a creepy piece, full of unsettling noises.

    Overall, a B+ on this one. Nothing earth shaking, but a solid use of the form and true to the cause. Also, it came out nicely clean.



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