Sunny Side

Episode One Hundred Twenty Five: Sunny Side. 
In which opportunities are risks.

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  1. Return to form. The four panels once again fit the inscrutable pattern, leaving the reader at a loss as to what's going on. In this way a mirror to my experience.

    Squid Man reprimands a herringbone pants’d man for not appreciating his life more fully, the man frantically trying to keep up. This from a look into Maslow and his (misguided, in my estimation) attempt at framing psychology in a positive light.

    The Soap Strip frame from ‘Deadwood’ (2004), a sentiment that everyone has their price. This was stupidly originally intended as ‘always opportunity‘, but in the intervening days has washed out to mean ‘I am here for the fleecing.’ Fuck me for being optimistic, even for a moment. Noticed, as I was drawing, the scales in Swearinton’s office: justice always imbalanced?

    Pharm Life ruminating on a computer strategy game I have played for hours and hours and seem to have reached the limit of: like my life, attrition always takes over at the same point. No rearrangement of priorities makes any difference whatsoever. Forward progress is always a luxurious illusion.

    And the resolution frame: Eno’s Oblique Strategy. Simplify? Don’t really get it, to be honest. (But that's in keeping with the form as well.)

    All in all, not a great month. Not particularly happy with this one, though the drawing of Swearington did turn out ok.



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